Petersham Nurseries

Commissioned to create bespoke gardening bucket bags, Paradise Row is a proud member of the 'Petersham family'. With our joint passion for elegance and style based on natural beauty, our collaboration celebrates a shared philosophy of sustainability and 'slow living' synonymous with a positive lifestyle: 'where ethics meet aesthetics' is a philosophy which is interwoven in every aspect of our two businesses. Paradise Row and Petersham Nurseries both commit to ethical sourcing and to nurturing strong relationships with our local communities. We both support charities that we care about, and those that we feel we have a responsibility to help. For Petersham Nurseries these have included fundraising events for The Vineyard Community Centre, the London Cycling Campaign and Refugee Action.

The bespoke black leather bucket bag that Paradise Row was commissioned to create for Petersham Nurseries is well suited for a number of uses. Embossed with the Petersham Nurseries' logo, it is designed to grace any home as a stylish receptacle for anything from magazines to firewood, and yet is equally in demand by gardeners as a handy, practical vade mecum for their everyday tasks.