Soft Opening: HEARTACHE

Paradise Row Curates Soft Opening.jpg

Soft Opening

Open from 11 January - 17 February

4 Herald Street

London, E2 6JS

Flagged by several publications as one of ‘the’ exhibitions to visit in the New Year, and situated a mere two-minute walk from the Paradise Row Studio, it would have been madness for the #ParadiseRowCurates team to not check out the Bethnal Green venue of Anata Ingarden’s new exhibition ‘HEARTACHE.’ With the other venue for the exhibition in Piccadilly Circus, this imagining is a two-pronged feast for the mind. An alumnus of the Beaux Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Paris, she has exhibited her ground-breaking structure in France, Poland, Spain, and now East London.

It’s always a magical experience visiting an installation at night, especially if that space is filled with art that seems to breathe, like Ingarden’s. We decided to visit after work; to an unassuming venue. It was inside a typical white brickwork which you had to ring the bell to enter. Was this was an effort to add to the exclusivity of the event, or did we arrive past closing time, either way, we were made to feel extremely welcome by the person running the event, who kindly let us in and guided us up the stairs to Ingarden’s imaginings.

Paradise Row Curates Soft Opening.jpg

“Never has a tiny room felt so crowded and alive with only three installations.”

Never has a tiny room in East London felt so crowded and alive with only three installations. The nature of Ingarden’s work manipulated and is influenced by its surroundings; whether it’s the light glinting off her mirrored butterflies, making them dance around the room, or the constant slow oozing of her homemade-caramel-covered metal structures.

We’ll definitely be checking out the sister installation in Piccadilly, everything from the sticky smell of caramel to the sound-eating crystallised sound panels showed the promise of a truly visionary artistic talent. The exhibition is on until 17th February, and the #ParadiseRowCurates team urge you to go and immerse yourself in this surreal little pocket of Bethnal Green.



Words: Hannah Crosbie

Photos: Emilia Joye

Styling: Andrea Martínez Gordo