Burro e Salvia

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Inspired by the hospitality and cosy kitchens of Italy, this inspired Pastifico brings its sunshine to Shoreditch.

Burro e Salvia

52 Redchurch Street
E2 7DP

We wouldn’t be surprised if you told us that you’d walked straight past Burro e Salvia. Redchurch Street is often on the busy Shoreditch professional’s route to work, meetings or a Tesco meal deal. When we have a melting pot of a street like Redchurch Street right under our noses, it can be easy to walk straight through the eateries and experiences that it has to offer.

Well, one of these days you’d better stop and give Burro e Salvia your attention, which it will no doubt in turn give you to as soon as you enter the door. A complete rejection of the rapid pace of London life, the self-proclaimed Pastifico offers the busy Londoner the chance to take a breather and watch fresh food be prepared freshly, Italian style.

When you enter, you’re entered with a sumptuous yellow and white interior style, punctuated only by the deep green of olive oil bottles, or the silver of the sfoglina’s (pasta makers) tools. The only thing that separates you from this craft and the fresh smells and colours of the pasta is your curiosity; something that you can satisfy in the various courses you can take in the evenings, when Burro e Salvia truly becomes a comfortable collaborative home-like space.

“Pared-back interiors make conversation - and, of course, the food - front and centre.”

The restaurant is equally as special if its a comparatively quick lunch you’re after; we recommend Burro e Salvia for a lunch date or a work meal; the dining area is not so big to dwarf the company, but not so small that you’re sat on top of eachother. Bright and characterful drawings of kitchen scenes are the decoration of choice, that aren’t too dissimilar to a naughty child’s charming scribblings you may find on the walls of a family home. So, we invite you to think of your Burro e Salvia dining experience as an intimate family meal— except you don’t know anyone and you’re all eating different things.

With a constantly rotating menu prepared properly with fresh ingredients, a plate of Burro e Salvia is a welcome alternative to a meal deal elsewhere. You can choose from traditional Italian antipasti to start (expect a generous helping of meat and cheese) and then a plethora of choice for you main, selected from the fresh food

If one sitting simply isn’t enough for you (and let’s be honest, when we’re talking pasta, is it ever?) Burro e Salvia has a deliciously curated sleection fo Italian produce for you to bring home with you so you can inject a little of their effortless sunshine into your life. From wines, oils, spreads, to the delicious pasta you jsut had in the restaurant, there’s definitely something there you can bring home to impress guests or pretend you’re back from holiday.

We had the luck of visiting on a day that illuminated the last of summer onto the plaster walls of our dining experience, but as we draw closer to winter, the typical Londoner will start inevitably craving a tiny dose of summer: Burro e Salvia will be the perfect place to administer that, and welcome you with open arms.

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Words + Images : Hannah Crosbie