Meet The Artist: Chica Seal

Chica Seal
Chica Seal

Although Chica Seal is a London-based artist, her influences aren’t just confined to the small island she now calls home. Born in Lisbon, she grew up in the UK and studied Fine Art at Brighton University; she takes inspiration from around the world for her striking compositions of the female form. With obvious classical influences in her utilisation of cherubs and reclining female forms, they’re often given a touch of absurd; painted in vibrant colours or even without facial features. Its typical beauty turned on its head (although some of her nudes are headless) and her feminist perspective and unlearning of the male gaze is something she loves to explore in her painting of women.

 A selection of her hand-painted prints are available to purchase online at Partnership Editions; one-a-kind pieces that are sure to brighten up any room in your house. We at Paradise Row suggest you do so while they’re still affordable, as we only see Chica’s presence on the East London art scene getting bigger, and when she does, everyone will be lusting after a piece of her artistic sunshine.

Chica Seal


Chica Seal.JPG


Words: Hannah Crosbie

Styling: Andrea Gordo Martinez