On How Big Brands Can Help Emerging Brands

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As a small brand starting up, it is important to place yourself on many platforms as possible to showcase your brand, style and story. Even before you achieved the end product, it is essential to get your name out there, so you can create an audience for when you finally launch.

Paradise Row were lucky enough that Cointreau launched the Cointreau Creative Competition around April, where we were at a stage of needing exposure. The competition invited people and brands to showcase their ideas, designs and products and an online voting system was put in place for the most popular brand to win a creative weekend in Paris. 

Won 5th place with 650 votes in the Cointreau Creative Competition

Won 5th place with 650 votes in the Cointreau Creative Competition


We are proud to say that we were the 5th most popular brand with 650 votes. This competition enabled us to reach many people, who otherwise would not have not seen or even heard about Paradise Row. Our luxury leather bag brand was posted, shared and liked on social media multiple times. The publicity we received was invaluable and we have brands like Cointreau to thank who have granted these types of competitions.

The Cointreau Creative Competition was simple yet effective and extremely powerful. We encourage more big brands to set out more campaigns like this one to help the emerging small brands a step up and to have a platform. It is a win-win situation for both; the big brands get people talking about them again and achieve a good reputation for doing something altruistic and the small brands get the acknowledgement they could have only dreamed of.

Click here to see Paradise Row featured in the Cointreau Creative Crew Competition.


Words: Nika Diamond-Krendel