Earl of East


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With a new branch opening in Kings Cross, we pay a visit to the original Hackney home of the East London brand.

Earl of East

5a Gransden Avenue
E8 3QA

One thing that gives us incredible joy is when a fellow East London brand makes its name in the London creative scene. Brands that often focus on lifestyle, invoke emotions and concentrate on the relationships between people and objects are few and far between in a consumerism-focused society.

So, when Earl of East opened its doors after a series of successful stalls and openings in Netil Market two years ago, it filled a gap in the Hackney area; somewhere for locals that value quality to call home.

In their recent interview for #ParadiseRowCurates founders Niko and Paul told us they wanted their stores to feel like an extension of each customers home, for them to feel welcome. It’s a sentiment that carries through to the lived experience in both of their stores. In both Hackney and Coal Drops Yard you’re instantly greeted with a smile, offer for a hot drink and, in Kings Cross, a sofa to enjoy it on.

Each item in the store has a story, a scent, a unique message that makes it worthy to be carried in Earl of East. From dainty ceramics emblazoned with delightfully detailed phaluses to intricately hand-sewn cushions, you’re sure to find something you haven’t seen before, something to compliment the most eclectic household.

“The products are birthed from a fascination with how scent can transport you across the globe.”

However, their carefully curated shopping experience is only one part of the Earl of East experience: the new design of their recently-refurbished Hackney home has seamlessly connected it to their not-so-behind-the-scenes production line for their eponymous products.

Now stocked in over 300 retail destinations worldwide, the Earl of East product range is rooted in their candles and scents that were birthed from a fascination with how scent can transport you across the globe.

Case and point: their Japanese Bathing line that’s been a hit in local homes and the Paradise Row office in equal measure. The range is inspired by the famous Japanese onsen culture, communal hot springs that claim to cure everything from fatigue to eczema (a must-visit if you go to Japan anytime soon). They carry two scents inspired by the onsen: available in blends, bath salts and candles.

The incredible aesthetic and conscious scent profiles of Earl of East have been formed through lived experience, rooted in the experiences the founders have had around the world, but don’t be fooled into thinking that the brand is made for just their taste; there’s truly something for everyone on the shelves of this sensorial shopping experience.

Indeed, you have the opportunity to make the Earl of East experience your own: candle workshops run several times a week that allow you to make your own scent profile in the signature Earl of East process. You’ll be so wrapped up in the scents, aesthetic and sense of community in the immersive workshop experience, you’ll want to take the entire store home once you’re finished— trust me.

Book a candle-making workshop or check out Earl of East online.

Words + Images : Hannah Crosbie