FARE London


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The Sager + Wilde group has arrived on Old Street in a big way. With seasonal cocktails, earthy coffee blends and wood-fired pizza, FARE London is set to be a seasonal favourite for the British summer for many years to come.

FARE London


11 Old Street

Whether you’re a self-confessed foodie or a seasoned wino, Sager + Wilde’s new culinary venture FARE London is going to be your new central go-to this summer. The Sager + Wilde group have burst onto Old Street in a big way, set to become a seasonal favourite this summertime.

Just across from us on the real Paradise Row, the Sager + Wilde restaurant has become near synonymous with the best in East London cuisine, so its new sister venue had a lot to live up to for fans of the original venue.

However, in contrast to Sager + Wilde, FARE London’s minimal, stripped-back interiors portray a much brighter and spacious rendition of the signature British twist on Italian cuisine. Old Street is no stranger to a trendy eatery, but the restaurant offers the perfect menu and atmosphere to accompany any social occasion. Friends out for lunch, dates and family meals all made the space their temporary drawing room at our visit, and friendly staff made it feel like a second home.

We visited in the first heatwave of spring, and were lucky to have secured a seat! Although the venue offers seating inside, outside and in an intimate setting downstairs, it’s probable that it will all be needed when more people discover this hidden culinary gem of East London.

Despite having a range of dishes on offer, FARE London has earned its local fame for its out-of-the-ordinary but incredibly tasty pizza. Fired in a traditional oven in full view in the restaurant, there’s an incredible sense of craftsmanship and pride in their food.

“We came for the pizza but stayed for the service.”

If you’re looking for something a little different, they offer pizzas made with truffle, cauliflower, potato and ox tongue to name a few, but the classics are nailed just as well in their unique menu.

We came for the pizza but stayed for the service: it’s difficult to talk about the Sager + Wilde group without mentioning the knowledgeable and brilliant people who call FARE London their second home. Wine knowledge, barista skills and a knack for food pairings are paramount to their service, and make every visit a delightful eating experience.

On such a sunny day, the stunning crisp white interiors adorned with colourful Mediterranean art, it wasn’t a stretch to picture ourselves in the South of France or Italy in this restaurant on Old Street. The Western European influence is clear, but it’s an institution made incredibly ‘East London’ through clever use of off-the-cuff leather seats, chalk-on-glass drinks menus and lush vegetation.

As a fellow design-driven brand, we at Paradise Row are immensely proud to call FARE London a partner in our bespoke services. Wishing to add artisan value to their brand image while staying true to the postcode that they call home, we manufactured luxury bill holders and wine menus for their restaurant, and it was such a thrill to see the deep blue leather being naturally worn with age — and becoming more beautiful alongside Fare’s rustic aesthetic.

We suggest visiting now before FARE London blows up in a huge way over summer: if you love eateries with a passionate respect for food, drink and every detail in-between, it needs to be next on your must-eat list.

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Words + Images : Hannah Crosbie