On The Power Of Shared Work-spaces, Hannah Crosbie


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As London’s creative community grows larger in size and professionalism, the work-spaces that mark every corner have had to adapt to meet its needs, but how can they grow alongside and not against their creatives?

As anyone from anywhere North of London will tell you, the capital isn’t exactly known for its friendliness or sense of community. A professional day can sometimes be lonely, and the commute and professional culture is isolating for may.

However, in recent years, London’s creative scene has given birth to a new kind of professional: collaborative, often creative, and one that has a real sense of community. Enter the concept of the shared work space, one that meets the needs of a community, rather than pandering to the individual. Shared offices that recognise individuals as humans, instead of workers.

One such initiative was opened just last week by fellow social impact organisation Second Home; a new kind of co-working space that focuses on the needs of its workers as humans. Their new initiative? They offer a nursery built into their space, allowing for new parents to not have to make the difficult position between family and entrepreneurship.

We truly believe that organisation such as Second Home are changing not just the face of the modern work-space, but also the world. Collaborative work-spaces such as this are the future.

Want to be a part of a creative and collaborative space like this for just £200 a month?

Paradise Row is going to be moving to a new office space on Old Street this October 2019!

We also have lots of space available for local creatives and we’re really excited to renovate the space into a contemporary collaborative working space, with private islands for small teams, an area for freelancers, breakout area and private meeting rooms for everyone’s use— did we mention it’s also opposite a pub?

We’re offering this amazing creative space for just £200 a month.

As well as this, there’s also the opportunity for bespoke legal/accountancy packages designed for start-ups, delivered by the accountancy firm who lives downstairs (for an affordable price)!


Words: Hannah Crosbie