The Town Hall Hotel


Take a breather from the busy, graffiti-embellished Bethnal Green and open the doors to the 1930s-inspired architecture, beautiful pool and a European tasting menu.

Town Hall Hotel

8 Patriot Square
E2 9NF

The East End of London may be a vibrant and achingly hip part of the capital, but Bethnal Green’s Town Hall Hotel offers a chic escape away from the colourful graffiti art. Join us as we step behind the Edwardian façade to catch a glimpse of this award-winning 5* hotel, bar and restaurant.

Cutting through the gentle murmurs of businessmen or film stars such as Johnny Depp and Catherine Zeta-Jones, you’ll find the resident dog Dizzy tip-toeing in the lounge and sussing out the guests.

"Architects and craftsmen have been involved at every step to produce a truly stunning interior."

Much like the rest of the hotel, the individually-designed rooms have had just as much care and attention into the design. Many have kept the stunning Edwardian architectural features while some echo ‘loft-conversion-chic’, but all are extraordinarily spacious and flooded with light.

Combining the architectural grandeur of its Edwardian town hall days, and modern art deco features thanks to its renovation in the 1930s, the grand interior blends the old with the new in the most harmonious of ways. The Borough and Council invested into the makings of Town Hall Hotel in order to bring new life and energy into Bethnal Green - which just so happened to win it the prestigious RICS London Building Conservation award and national Project of the Year for restoring, preserving and reinventing the design. 

If the 24/7 room service seems like missing out on the beautiful and charming restaurants, you could be considered correct. Hidden away on the upper level of the hotel, the Corner Room serves breakfast, lunch and dinner of exceptional quality at an affordable price, all in a snug and cosy dining space. Expect to see plenty of industrial lights, a fireplace and white-tiled walls. The buffet breakfast here is second to none. 

The Typing Room restaurant is special for it is named after the building’s original Typing Room where all mayoral and judicial communications were typed. Replacing the typewriters and ink fountain pens, however, is now an open kitchen and marble tables. Only available after 21:30, there's a choice of a three- or five-course tasting menu, which includes the best of local and seasonal British and European ingredients thanks to chef Lee Westcott.

Next door, the Peg and Patriot bar is an atmospheric, seductively lit space serving original, creative drinks. There is nowhere better to feel more tranquil and relaxed after a tough day in the city.

And if relaxation is at the top of your list, why not spend an indulgent afternoon at the pool and gym? Fifteen metres in length, the heated pool, which sits below sky lights and next to loungers and is complete with brass fittings, is a serene escape from the outside world. And in our modern day-to-day lives, isn’t that what we’re all striving for?

Here at Paradise Row, we can't think of anywhere better to rest our cobble-worn feet that at any of the three restaurant and bars or by the pool. This is one beautifully modern, chic and cosy space to add to the address book. 

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Words: Emma Fox
Images: Hannah Crosbie