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A lush Californian greenhouse meets classic edgy Shoreditch in our new favourite apparel destination, Modern Society. Expect sleek interiors, carefully selected fashion and the thoughtfully curated addition of a coffee shop.

Modern Society

33 Redchurch Street
E2 7DJ

Born through a series of successful pop-ups, Modern Society finally opened the doors to its Shoreditch brick-and-mortar store in 2015, and it’s been a familiar face on the trendy Redchurch Street ever since. Its aesthetic isn’t just to die for on this side of the pond, just last year, they opened their first store in LA in their first bid at global domination.

The to-die-for aesthetic in question? Think the industrial marble and glass tableware, mixed with awesome California cool, with a touch of classic curated Shoreditch. Taking your time to discover everything Modern Society has to offer is something completely effortless when you’re made to feel this at home. Greeting you as you walk in is a coffee bar serving beverages and all day brunch in the most classic and contemporary tableware imaginable. Sounds of dreamy synth-pop and laid-back guitar songs were the soundtrack to our amazingly chilled experience.

We were fortunate enough to meet their Head of Communications, India Blue van Spall, who served us peppermint tea on Japanese-inspired wooden trays and educated us on the new directions Modern Society would be taking in the future. A new beauty range had just been launched, with a few staple products so far: their luxurious natural soaps in a variety of delicious scents and their essential oils presented in delicately designed golden bottles.

“The breathable airy fabrics and abundance of tie-dye almost made us forget we were in wintery London.”

“The next collection drops in April”, India told us excitedly, “We can’t wait.” It’s obvious that the transition from Shoreditch was an easy one, the breathable airy fabrics and abundance of tie-dye almost made us forget we were in wintery London. We’re excited to see which direction the new collection will go, but there’s no doubt in our minds it will be informed by the most cutting-edge in East London fashion (with a dollop of LA cool thrown in).

Modern Society also hosts events in a way to give back to East London, its constant source of inspiration. Like Paradise Row, they find their inspiration in the arts, something apparent from the striking photography scattered on the walls of the indoor space.

Whatever your niche interest, it’s likely that Modern Society has something you wouldn’t regret spending money on. As a sucker for beautiful stationery, I was thrilled to see Astrology themed notebooks and coffee table books that I would happily spend £100s on. Their artisan beauty collection is something to keep your eye on as well,  premium soaps and fragrances from India are their must-haves, and it’s a brand that only promises to expand as the Modern Society name does.


Words: Hannah Crosbie

Photography: Andrea Martínez Gordo