In conversation with Monica Ainley

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Monica Ainley de La Villardière


Smart, sophisticated and internationally recognised fashion journalist Monica Ainley who has written for AnOther magazine, T magazine and and has previously worked at Joseph, Avenue 32 and Net-a-porter, has teamed up with PARADISE ROW on how to style a few of our bags from the first collection, CORE.

Monica has recently launched her brilliant podcast Fashion No Filter with Camille Charriere. Episode 4 What Men Really Think of Fashion is out now! Dividing her time between Paris and London and with a style to reflect it, Monica has picked her favourite pieces from the collection and paired them with her own wardrobe staples for your inspiration. 

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As a fashion journalist have you seen your fare share of brands and handbags, what makes Paradise Row so different? 

The stories of Paradise Row and the references to the history of East London where the bags are made give it a unique point of view!

Paradise Row feel that out of all the journalists and influencers you emulate the perfect style for their bags, why do you think that is?

Thank you! They are clean and uncomplicated which goes well with my style and look.


Who or what inspires your style?

I am constantly searching for new style references, from the street to Tumblr! My Grandmother has been a big source of inspiration too (hear her on Fashion: No Fitler Episode 2!) 

Can you please give a little summary on each photo on what you wearing that day and how you styled the outfits with the bag? 

For the outfits, I really just mixed Paradise Row in with my everyday neutrals. The point was to show how to wear it in everyday life. Although, I did wear it with a very chic Admise Paris suit I'd been lent in the Cafe shot, and with a nice light red tea dress in Madrid, where it was very hot.


And finally, Paradise Row's ethos is about making classic staples for the wardrobe rather than seasonable bags, how important is it to you to incorporate slow fashion into your wardrobe? 

Extremely. Overproduction is a huge issue in fashion industry. We wear things once just to throw them away, and it's incredibly wasteful. I wish more young brands would actively take on this ethos, and think properly about wear-forever pieces. 

You clearly are loving The Boxer out of the collection, what's your favourite outfit with the The Boxer?

The Boxer goes with everything! That's the joy of it actually. 

Apart from The Boxer being your favourite, which Paradise Row Story resonates with you the most? 

I'm also a fan of The Mariner, because I am obsessed with Navy blue, first of all, but also because the history of the British navy interests me -my Grandfather a navy captain during the war, perhaps that's why! I also love how its naval history ties in with the fascinating melting pot of cultures that East London has become. 


Words: Nika Diamond-Krendel