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Personalised leather gifts handmade in England. Paradise Row is best known for luxury and sustainable leather accessories and handbags to compliment any wardrobe. JOY in nude leather contrasts beautifully with the pale gold hardware which form this perfect smiley face. Inspired by Maslow's hierarchy of needs, this emotion comes from within the individual, rather than a particular event. The most joyful of people are those who have achieved self-actualisation and personal fulfilment.

  • Natural nude vegetable-tanned leather
  • Twelve carat gold plated fittings and hardware
  • Adjustable strap with gold buckle
  • One external pocket and one internal pocket
  • Comes with a story card

Made in East London
W 20.5 CM H 20.5 CM D 4 CM STRAP 52 - 68 CM
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Joy is an emotion comprising feelings of happiness, contentment and harmony. It differs from general happiness in that it is not caused by a particular event but comes from within the individual. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs (1943) found that the most joyful people are the ones who have achieved self-actualisation, which is defined as realising personal potential, seeking personal growth and peak experiences and achieving self-fulfilment - a desire ‘to become everything one is capable of’. Maslow went on to say that you cannot achieve self-actualisation until four basic human needs are met: physiological needs (food and shelter), safety needs (stability and finance), social needs (friendship and intimacy) and esteem needs (achievement and respect). People who have obtained self-actualisation typically have some common qualities, including putting others’ needs before their own, the ability to see life more clearly and high levels of acceptance of both themselves and others.

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