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A studio is only as good as the sum of its parts, and Paradise Row over time has attracted the best of creative minds in East London. Our unique community of talent provides a multitude of services in branded content production, social media, communications, marketing and copywriting.

We love the opportunity to share our in-house talent to fellow small businesses within our network who have the same ethos as Paradise Row. As a small business, we understand the requirements of a start-up: maximum impact content on a limited budget. Get in touch with your budget and aims for your next project to find out what we can help you achieve.

On top of our services as an agency, our Founder and creative director Nika Diamond-Krendel is also available to lend her leading voice in business and luxury sustainability for various panels and events.

Nika took the skills she developed from her successful career in business consultancy to a new dynamic venture in starting a luxury goods sustainable business. Having spoken at various high-profile events and panels in London, such as Allbright, Marguerite and Pure London and winning several business accolades, her professional portfolio is built on a foundation of success within business strategy, management and creative direction.