The Design

The collection is envisaged for the wearer who has an appreciation of distinctive accessories as well as quality British design and craftsmanship but who looks beyond established brands. 

Each collection comprises of five luxury handbags, all handcrafted in east London. Beautifully designed and intricately constructed, each bag is of enduring quality and timeless appeal.  Branding is kept to a minimum throughout, with blank leather stamps on the inside, with a small gold designer motif at the back.  

The gold-plated metal fittings contrast beautifully with the 100% natural vegetable-tanned leather, together creating the unique character of these bags and the epitome of the Paradise Row style.


The Leather

The thickness of the leather enables the bag to hold its shape and provides a contemporary stripped back look, showing the natural leather both inside and out.

The leather is made naturally with vegetable tanning, an old world artisanal method which is chromium-free. 

This fair trade practice takes advantage of the tannic acids naturally found in barks, branches, leaves and some fruit, creating a more natural and organic look.

Due to the delicate nature of the cow shoulder leather, this leather will age beautifully over time and natural veining and marks will occur. The more wear it gets, the more unique and distinctive the bag will become.


The Fittings

The gold-plated fittings provide a striking sense of luxury and refinement, contrasting beautifully against the natural vegetable-tanned leather.

The gold-plated fittings are a focal point of the bags, firmly rooting the collections in the stories which inspired and made them. These individually designed fittings adorn the front of each bag which, along with the accompanying story cards, tell the compelling story of the collection.